G & M Cabinets specializes in custom solid wood cabinetry that is made to fit your specific requirements, while offering a multitude of door/drawer styles and finishes, at an affordable cost.

Based in San Leandro, California, we offer our services throughout the entire Bay Area.

You won't find ANY press board or melamine products in our shop, as we know its shortcomings and refuse to pass them on to you. The hardware we use as a standard feature of our cabinets exceeds the level of durability and performance as compared to what you will find in mass-produced modular cabinets.

With our custom cabinets, you won't find filler pieces to make up for a gap created when "Lego-stacking" modular cabinets to fill a wall.

This approach to manufacturing is typical with pre-made, modular, or imported cabinets. Unless a representative of a cabinet manufacturer actually comes to your home to take measurements where your cabinets will be installed, how could they possibly know what size cabinet you'll need?

All our cabinets are made to fit your needs–not ours.

Being the son of an Italian immigrant, I learned the trade of woodworking from my father at a young age. After college I worked as a financial advisor for several years, but I found cabinet making to be more rewarding and it always presented a new challenge with each client that I met.

My father (at 79 years of age as I write this), still comes by the shop from time to time, but he is now concentrating on doing things for himself, outside of work, as I believe he should.

Since I personally represent the company, I am always meeting with new clients. I am involved with all aspects of  every project that comes through our shop and I am responsible for helping bring the projects to fruition.

And because I believe that this business is a personal reflection of who I am to my clients, I make sure that every project that leaves the shop is one that I am personally involved with and proud to say was built by G&M Cabinets.