The G & M Story

My father emigrated from Italy to the United States when he was 27 years old.

He brought with him a talent for working with wood.

Many years later he started a cabinet company, right here in the Bay Area of California, that mainly catered to production homes built by large construction companies.

As his son, I was required :) to work at his shop during my summer vactions from school. I learned quite a bit about the manufacturing industry, especially as it realated to cabinets.

After college, I worked for a few companies, but was drawn back to cabinetry, as it allowed me the feedom to create something on my terms that I could be proud of.

My Father not only taught me how to build  cabinets, but how to build trust with clients.

He emphaiszed how important it was to offer a good product at a fair price. This approach would build confidence with our clients and lead to new refferals for work. To this day, we have NEVER advertised our company or our products.

We strongly believe that a satisfied customer is our BEST business card.

(I even hesitated to put up this website, but I finally relinquished because many customers and referrals asked about my website (that I didn't have) so I figured I'd go with the flow and give people what they wanted.)